Keep your Eyes Peeled, or Do You Want to Be a Stupid Old Fart?

  Tom Drymon and Peter Harper, artists themselves, have carved out a small space up a rickety staircase on 14th Street called Harmon ArtLab (HAL) that is dedicated to showing site-specific installations as well as wall-hung work. Their goal is to encourage artistic risk-taking “unencumbered by …the marketplace”. They provide the space and freedom for … Read more

Annie Leibovitz’s Pilgrimage at the Smithsonian American Art Museu

  GessoHead recently made her first Official Press appearance at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which has, fittingly, been my favorite outpost of the Official Arts Industrial Complex for a few years. I find the exhibits to be generally more lively, a bit more risk-taking and dare-we-say-it light-hearted, than the fare on offer at most … Read more

Anil Revri’s Contemplative World at the Katzen

  Anil Revri’s gorgeous show at AU’s  Katzen Art Center requires the visitor to slow down, shut off the constant stream of exterior and interior babble and meet the work in quiet openness. If that sounds like a description of meditation, it’s no coincidence; Revri describes the process of making his work as an exercise in … Read more

Grand and Sirvet @ Artery Plaza

  Freya Grand and Michael Sirvet have been combined by curator Claudia Rousseau in a visually stunning show at the Artery Plaza in downtown Bethesda. The space, formerly the home of Osuna Gallery, has been made available by the building’s owners for temporary exhibition space (and their hospitality apparently extends to a lovely opening reception). … Read more

Ruth Trevarrow’s Bare Bones

  Ruth Trevarrow spends her days working at the Smithsonian as the registrar of the institution’s Traveling Exhibition Service. There, she helps to ensure that the vast array of priceless stuff owned by the Smithsonian is shared with the people who own it – Americans all over this country. Trevarrow is also an artist who … Read more